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We provide advice to operators, service providers, investors, regulators, policy and funding agencies, municipalities and equipment suppliers in the following areas:


Networks & Technology We provide strategic advice on available technology pathways, support vendor selection and vendor negotiation processes, network and budget planning of telecom projects, advise on network implementation best practices and operational efficiencies.
Spectrum Planning & Auctions We provide expert services in spectrum planning, radio-frequency licencing, valuation, transactions support and auctions. Our auction planning practice includes:

  • development of auction software for CA, SMRA, CCA and reverse auctions;
  • for bidders: training of bidders on auction rules, developing & testing of auction strategies, setting bid budgets, ‘war room’ logistics, accompaniment during auction events, post auction analysis of results;
  • for regulators: development of auction frameworks, rules and procedures; setting auction reserve prices, conditions of licence; auction management, auction audits and post auction communications strategies / messaging to bidders, investors and the general public.
Policy Analysis We advise policy makers on the design and potential impacts of policy alternatives as well as and post-implementation evaluation of results.
Economic Analysis We specialise in economic impact analysis (EIA) using Input-Output models, growth accounting, and regression analysis. We also develop forecast models using econometric methods to support policy analysis in areas including economic development and planning, and productivity improvement.
Business Valuation We develop business cases, strategic plans, investment proposal using detailed financial modelling. We also conduct valuation of business, assets, M&A support, technology assessments, and network infrastructure (towers, conduits, poles) sharing models to set joint use rates, revenue sharing approaches.
Regulatory Support We conduct costing and economic studies, develop expert reports and provide expert witness support. Our regulatory experts specialise in competition economics, rate of return regulations, regulatory audits and regulatory rate setting.

We advise on telecom regulatory policy and support clients in helping them respond to public consultations from regulators.

Our mandates often involve more than one practice area and our experts have multi-disciplinary and complementary skills, ensuring that our customers are well served.

We operate in Canada, the US and globally. Our principals have successfully managed multidisciplinary teams and delivered complex projects for network operators, regulators, policy makers and international financial institutions (IFIs) across 4 continents including:

Americas: United States, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Barbados, Belize, Suriname, The Bahamas, El Salvador & the 5 ECTEL Countries

Asia Pacific: Myanmar, Samoa, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Oman, Pakistan, India

Europe: United Kingdom, Cyprus

Africa: South Africa, Botswana

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