Jean-François Dumoulin

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Telecommunications regulations, government policy, spectrum auctions, intercarrier affairs, satellite communications

Jean-François brings over 25 years of experience in broadband, telephony, and satellite communications with a focus on the regulatory environment and government policy with extensive knowledge of the telecommunications regulatory environment, Canadian government telecommunications policy, spectrum policy, and regulatory requirements for carriers.

Prior to NE&S, Jean-François was the Vice President of Regulatory and Government Affairs for Iristel where he was responsible for regulatory hearings and proceedings, regulatory compliance, intercarrier affairs, and spectrum licensing and auctions. Jean-François has also held multiple roles for the Kativik Regional Government where he participated extensively in the development, launch, and operations of a regional satellite-based broadband network for Nunavik, the Inuit region of Arctic Quebec. In his role at the KRG, Jean-François helped secure over $165 million in funding for the region’s satellite and undersea fibre networks by preparing feasibility studies and socioeconomic impact assessments, though direct engagement with federal and provincial governments, and by participation in government broadband funding programs.

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