Hessel Abbink Spaink

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After having obtained a PhD in diode-laser spectroscopy Hessel Abbink Spaink continued his career in the private sector, in particular on projects related to the introduction of innovative ICT-applications in business. He also became very involved in business valuation and in the introduction of market mechanisms in telecom and media regulation.

Especially during projects on spectrum auctions Hessel experienced that human behaviour and corporate culture frequently result in outcomes that significantly differ from the predictions by economic theory. These experiences made Hessel become more interested in ‘soft factors’ in business – as an addition to more conventional financial models. With this broadened view on business Hessel is nowadays working on projects related to innovations due to convergence in telecommunications and media. 

Areas of specialisation:

Hessel is specialised in international policy, business development and market regulation in the ICT-sector. With a background in science and technology, Hessel is inclined to approach problems initially from a quantitative angle. He then combines these results with insights from behavioural economics, organisational psychology and law. This broad approach allows Hessel to cover a wide range of topics in market analysis and market development.

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