Duane Halfhide

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Duane holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA – Finance), Bachelor of Science (Bsc – Civil Engineering), and Teachers Pedagogical and Didactical Competency.  Over the last decade, Duane has built a deep knowledge of business strategies, research methodologies, and statistical analytical methods. Duane leads ECGD’s business strategy team and administers its customized survey research and analysis software. 

He has supported ECGD with the implementation of several research projects -among others with resource inventories- and has cultivated an exceptional understanding of cross-cultural environments. He is known to communicate messages to audiences with diverse educational backgrounds and has proven to be invaluable to ECGD to analyze research data such as statistics from surveys, key informant interviews, and focus group sessions. 

Duane has conducted cost analyses and comprehensive assessments in Suriname and conducted financial accounting for ECGD Belize/Toledo project. As such he is well able to apply innovative methodologies and tools to assess the full spectrum of Capacity Building and Technology Transfer cost elements in the local context. In Suriname, he applied a comprehensive survey methodology to assess the perceptions of the business environment to gauge what managers consider to be their firms’ binding constraints. He is currently supporting an Inter-American Development Bank project to build a model for an econometric analysis in the ICT and Creative Industries. 

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