Dr. Abdallah Shami

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Abdallah Shami is a Professor at the Electrical and Computer Engineering department of Western University. He is the Director of the Optimized Computing and Communications Laboratory at Western. He has been working in the areas of intelligent wireless systems, and network-based cloud computing for the past several years, utilizing data analytics, optimization and statistical analysis mathematical tools.  

Abdallah has been awarded a number of research grants at both the national and provincial levels – including NSERC, CFI, and OCE, and has established collaborations/consultations with Mircom, Ericsson Canada, Samsung, plus other industrial partners. His research findings have been published in prestigious journals and presented at leading international conferences (more than 200 peer reviewed publications). Abdallah has received many awards including IEEE best paper awards, Samsung research award, and many others. 

Abdallah is an Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Distinguished Lecturer and Senior Member of IEEE. He was the elected Chair of the IEEE Communications Society Technical Committee on Communications Software.

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