Andrew MacFie

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Andrew is a Senior Associate of NE&S. As lead programmer/developer, he has successful programmed the auction simulation tool for various CA, CCA and reverse auction events. He has led the development of the NE&S auction ‘solver’ for the CAST simulation tool supported by his programming team comprised of Saran Neti and Naomi Cui.

Andrew has worked as lead developer of the simulation software for the auction team since 2015.

He has successfully adapted the software to the various auction formats and rules including Industry Canada (now ISED) Broadband Radio Service (BRS) (CCA format) auction event in 2015, ISED 2019 (CCA format) auction, FCC CBRS (CA format) July 2020 auction, FCC RDOF (reverse auction format) November 2020, and FCC C-band (CA format). In each of these auction events, Andrew has been a key member of the team in providing auction training and technical support to the client.

Previously, Andrew was a doctoral student at the Centre for Quantitative Analysis and Design (CQAD),  Carlton University.

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