Telecommunications – 5G – Wireless Investment Case

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The Problem

NE&S and a partner consultancy were engaged by Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Development (DFATD) Investor Services Division to develop an investment case of the Telecommunications, 5G and Wireless sector based on leading clusters and subsectors in Canada and corresponding foreign clusters as part of its initiative to provide trade officers in foreign posts with timely, accurate and comprehensive data to inform potential inbound investors of the relative advantages in the Canadian marketplace.
The investment case provided an overview of Canada’s Telecommunications/5G/Wireless industry, centered on key competitive advantages for attracting FDI.

How we Helped

The key deliverables for this assignment include the following:


Our project team’s overall methodological approach was to develop the overall investment case for the Telecommunications/5G/Wireless industry starting with Canada and subsequently develop – in more detail, the case for the high-potential priority clusters (to be prioritized and agreed upon with DFATD). We developed this investment case by both profiling the investment drivers within the relevant provinces and clusters, as well as comparing these drivers with the investment drivers in major international competitor locations.

Our methodology was applied to analyze the sectoral clusters, business environment, competitive advantages of Canada, etc. We also provided a rigorous demonstration of Canada’s Telecommunications 5G Wireless investment case.


NE&S provided a complete investment case report to DFATD, which included more details than originally requested. NE&S project team also provided a promotional handout and PowerPoint presentation to the foreign trade commissioners in three recorded webinars.

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