Spectrum Management and Implementation Support Project – Myanmar

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The Problem

For the Myanmar Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), funded by the World Bank, NE&S principals led a 2-year Spectrum Management and Implementation Support project to assist in the develop a 5-year spectrum strategy ‘Roadmap’, update the National Table of Frequency Allocations, manage a tendering process for a Monitoring system and develop regulatory frameworks for licensing, site approval, unlicensed bands, and others.

How we Helped

NE&S principals led a global team on a 2-year project to develop a national spectrum strategy. The project tasks and deliverables:

Amongst completed deliverables were extensive consultative processes with stakeholders on spectrum allocation, release and licensing – including temporary licensing for emergency services, spectrum sharing amongst national and regional MNOs, a spectrum roadmap (5-year strategy) and an update of the national frequency allocation table (NFAT).

Further work included completion of the design and procurement of a spectrum monitoring system, benchmarking of global spectrum management and regulatory frameworks, technological assessment and procurement.


NE&S principals professional services during the project supported the client to develop a comprehensive and up-to-date spectrum management framework according to its spectrum strategy.

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